St. Peter’s Basilica Statues and Artworks


St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome is a treasure trove of art and architecture, featuring some of the world’s most famous statues and artworks. 

As one of the holiest sites in Christianity and a popular tourist destination, the basilica attracts millions of visitors each year. 

Visitors see its many works of art and marvel at its grandeur.

One of the most famous statues in St. Peter’s Basilica is the bronze sculpture of St. Peter, which sits above the altar in the basilica’s apse. 

The renowned Italian artist Gian Lorenzo Bernini designed the statue depicting St. Peter holding the keys to the kingdom of heaven. 

It is one of the masterpieces of Baroque art.

Another iconic artwork in the basilica is Michelangelo’s Pietà, a marble sculpture of the Virgin Mary cradling the body of Jesus Christ. 

The Pietà is in a chapel on the right side of the basilica. It is considered one of Michelangelo’s finest works.

In addition to these iconic statues, the basilica is home to numerous other works of art, including frescoes, mosaics, and paintings. 

A fresco by Michelangelo adorns the basilica’s ceiling, which depicts the Creation of Adam and other scenes from the Book of Genesis. 

The basilica’s walls are decorated with mosaics and paintings by some of the most famous artists in history, including Raphael and Giovanni Battista Tiepolo.

Overall, the art and statues in St. Peter’s Basilica are a testament to the rich artistic and cultural history of the Catholic Church. 

They provide a glimpse into history and are a source of inspiration and awe for visitors to this iconic site.

Get a deeper understanding of the statues and artworks with a guided tour when you visit.

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